Gaina – Bread improver

Use in processing salty bread.
Dosage: 5gr/ 1kg flour.


1. Product: Gaina – Bread improver.

2. Code: 1001001.

3. Packing: 450gr, 9kgs.

4. Form: Powder.

5. Application: Use in processing salty bread
Dosage: 5g/ 1kg flour.

6. Storage: Stored in clean, cool and dry condition.

7. Shelf life: 12 months from manufacturing date.

8. Recipe:
Flour: 1kg.
Dry yeast: 15g.
Salt: 12g.
Gaina: 5g.
Cold water: 630gr.

9. Method:
Stage 1: Pour all ingredients in mixing bowl, mix on slow speed for 2 minutes.
Stage 2: Mix on medium speed for 7 minutes.
Stage 3: Rest dough 15 minutes in the table.
Stage 4: Scale and form dough.
Stage 5: Roll dough, put into greased pan.
Stage 6: Prove for 60 minutes, at 30oC, 60% humidity, then slitting bread.
Stage 7: Bake: Initial set at 270oC. After for the oven, spray steam in 10 second, reduce heat to 205oC. Bake in 18 minutes. Draw and store in clean, cool and dry condition. Do not expose direct to sunlight.







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